The Media vs. Hillary Clinton

I've got a new piece up at BNR on what we can expect from the media if the worst comes to pass and the unelectable Donald Trump is pushed out of the race somehow by the Republican leadership and is replaced with a "moderate."
Nothing in her political career has ever been handed to Hillary; she's always had to fight for it – and she's had to fight harder than the average politician, by virtue of the uniquely personal animosity for her expressed by large swaths of the traditional media.

...Now, Hillary is winning. She won the Democratic nomination and she is dominating Donald in general election polls. And that, too, is wrong. Because the media regard everything she does to be wrong. Hillary isn't supposed to win, and she especially isn't supposed to win easily.

(Even when she won, it felt like a loss. Had she lost, that definitely would have been wrong, too. )

But Hillary hasn't given them much to criticize. And her opponent is an unmitigated disaster. So now the same media who "utterly caved" to Donald during the primary are starting to give him some bad press. (But not as much as Hillary!) Because their best hope is facilitating the ouster of Donald by his own party – and a replacement candidate who has a chance of defeating her.
Click on through to read the whole thing!

This is a really important piece, because it is increasingly likely that Trump will not be his party's nominee on Election Day (more on that later), and we need to be prepared for what will happen in that potentiality.

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