The Choice Is Clear, the Choice Is Clear, the Choice Is Clear, the Choice Is Clear, the Choice...

I've got a few more thoughts on the mishmash of garbage words that Donald Trump calls a serious policy speech:
His entire speech was an amateurishly stitched-together conglomeration of rehashed (and discredited) anti-Hillary talking points which haven't been effective in bringing her down before and will not be this time; ripped-off Bernie Sanders speeches; projections of his own demonstrable history of being a crooked liar; and the usual word salad of gossamer promises and thinly-veiled nationalism.

To fact-check this speech necessarily means checking to see if it contained any facts at all.

If congratulations are in order, they are literally only for managing to stand at a podium and read the entire speech to completion while barely managing to contain his usual grotesque spectacle of bigoted buffoonery. Which is a pretty alarmingly low bar. To quote Donald himself: Sad!

Again I am left to ponder what would it look like if Donald were held to the same standards as Hillary. All she has to do is be extraordinary. All he has to do is not fall over at a podium.
Head on over to BNR to read the whole thing!

Meanwhile: Hillary Clinton gave a terrific economic address in North Carolina today. (You can watch it here.)

Not only did Clinton, as always, look "presidential as fuck," as Iain says every time he sees her, but she looked positively excited to be on the stump talking about her economic platform. She looked loose and fierce.

And not even a little bit concerned about Trump's argle-bargle big boy speech.

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