Senate Considers Four Pieces of Gun Reform; All Four Fail

[Content Note: Guns; death.]

After Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy led a nearly 15-hour Democratic filibuster in protest of Republican obstructionism on guns, votes on four pieces of gun reform legislation were scheduled for the Senate last night.

All four of them failed.

And they failed largely on party line votes, eight days after the largest assault weapons massacre in the nation's history, because there is evidently no amount of death that is too much for Republicans to stop doing the bidding of the NRA.

Which they do to keep getting donations from the NRA, as well as the other material support the NRA provides to gun-friendly candidates, like running campaign adverts for them and/or against their opponents.

Because their jobs are more important to them than any one of the lives that have been lost or will be lost as a result of their vile inaction to curb gun violence.

I don't even know what the fuck else to say. I am disgusted, and I am sad, and I am angry. And I am stricken with grief for the people who have been taken, and with horror at a political party that just doesn't care.

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