Low Enthusiasm My Patoot

image of a fat, tattooed, white woman at a Hillary rally, clutching one of Hillary's books and looking up at the stage with a look of awe on her face; she is surrounded by a crowd, including an equally enamoured black woman just beside her

I've got a new piece up at BNR about the gorgeous and inspiring pictures of Hillary Clinton supporters, who look at her with amazing expressions on their faces:
It is a joy that she has won the Democratic nomination — and it is a relief. Every time an eminently qualified, talented, competent woman tries to be first, but fails, there is celebration for her attempt and alongside it the crushing sting of being reminded that women are still not considered equal.

This was a very big moment for Hillary's feminist supporters, and on their faces I see the sort of unreserved smiles that signify a win. An undiluted win. An achievement that does not have to be couched in "we'll get 'em next time."

...Millions of her supporters are politically active Democrats, who work within our own communities as advocates for political solutions that will improve people's lives. We don't view her as a savior — someone we expect, or who is even capable, of solving what ails us on her own — but as a role model, a leader, a reflection of the commitment we have ourselves to making the world a better place.

We look at her, and we are able to see some part of ourselves.
Click through to read the whole thing and look at some truly moving and spectacular pix!

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