It's Over.

Hillary Clinton won the D.C. primary primary last night, by around 60 points. It's over over. For real over. No more pretending it's not over. It's done.

Clinton and Bernie Sanders (and key members of their teams) met for a chat last night, and it sounds like the least fun meeting ever! I have never read about a meeting that I was more glad to have not attended!

Relatedly: My top secret sources tell me that Sanders didn't like THE ESTABLISHMENT that Clinton chose for their meeting.

And now we turn to the general election.

I have a new essay up at BNR about the task ahead:
Hillary has accepted the challenge of leading the charge. She accepted it even before she knew it would be this particular nightmare she'd face. Long before she knew that her opponent would be a human mosaic of bigotries and menaces, who would attack her with such breathtaking malice that it leaves even her most vituperative critics gasping.

We have asked a lot of Hillary Clinton. We have asked her to abide relentless misogyny and personal attacks; to patiently wait her turn; to be ready but not ambitious; to be strong but vulnerable; to have gravitas but be fun; to speak with authority but not too loudly; to know everything but not be a know-it-all.

We have asked her to navigate all manner of impossible and irreconcilable expectations. We have asked her to be extraordinary, and to not be offended when we refuse to recognize that she is.

And now we are asking her to defeat Donald Trump. Just one more thing, please. Just keep this man away from the US presidency, while somehow finding a way to be the only woman who's ever been elected.

"I'm in," she says. "I relish the opportunity."

Which is all the confirmation I need that we've picked the right woman for the job.
Click through to read the whole thing. And, while you're there, check out the lovely photo tribute to Hillary Clinton's supporters Peter Daou put together. Yay!

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