Hey, Here's a Bunch More Cool Hillary News!

Let's start with the response to the barnstormer of a speech Hillary Clinton gave last Thursday! Guess what? PEOPLE LOVED IT! Because of course they did!

Ruby Cramer has a great piece for Buzzfeed on the overwhelmingly positive response Clinton is getting along the campaign trail:
"Yesterday in San Diego, I had the opportunity to—"

Before Hillary Clinton could finish the sentence, or even mention the speech, the crowd in Culver City cut her off with cheers. Later that day, in Westminster, it happened again. And again in Santa Ana. And again in San Bernardino.

By the time she arrived here on Saturday in Oxnard, Calif. — her ninth stop since delivering Thursday's major foreign policy address against Donald Trump — she seemed ready for the spontaneous applause that filled the gym at Hueneme High. As she spoke, a handmade sign popped up from the crowd: "Madam President," it read in thick red and black sharpie. "We were proud of your speech in S.D."

...Clinton and her aides were particularly gratified to see voters respond with recognition to the speech across California, where she and her husband are on a five-day breakneck schedule of roughly 40 combined events and retail stops.

When the audience in Westminster erupted into applause at mention of the speech, a surprised smile spread across Clinton's face. "Thank you! Well, thank you," she exclaimed. "I appreciate your paying attention, maybe watching it online."

Brian Fallon, Clinton's national press secretary, described the speech as a watershed moment for the campaign.

"Sometimes in the face of a bully, even well-meaning people can find themselves cowed, if not outright joining ranks with the bully. Then someone comes along who is willing to stand up to the bully, and it is a restorative moment," Fallon said. "She did that Thursday, and it has fundamentally altered people's outlook on the race."
The speech is a viral hit, with clips having been viewed almost 4 million times on Clinton's campaign Facebook page, and "nearly 600,000 views on Facebook live from San Diego." Tell me more about this "low enthusiasm" problem she's got. Snort.

On that note, here's a great piece from my BNR colleague Ginger McKnight-Chavers on the "invisible women" who support Clinton.

And I've got a piece that went up at BNR over the weekend on how Republicans "warning" that Clinton will continue President Obama's legacy is basically free advertising for her, since that's part of the reason a lot of us support her!

Hillary also mentioned her historic candidacy yesterday, saying: "I know we’ve never done this before. We've never had a woman president." And was met with huge cheers. HUGE CHEERS! I am hugely cheering right now!

And then there was this OMGGGGGG: "I like listening. You know, that is kind of boring for some people. You know, it is like, 'There she goes, listening again.' I actually learn things when I listen and I want people to know, not just in this campaign, but in the White House, I am going to keep listening because I want to know what you think."

ICYMI last month: "Hillary Clinton and the Power of Listening."

And finally! All the joyblubs foreverrrrr at this video of California ESL students using Hillary's 1995 speech in Beijing to learn English:

Video Description: Students learning English as a Second Language, most of whom are women of color, listen to audio of Clinton's famous speech in Beijing, during which she first said "women's rights are human rights." They speak the words along with her. Their female teacher explains: "I wanted to teach my students about finding their own voice and being confident that they can be heard, and so I chose the words and the speech of Hillary Clinton... The students can learn not only language, but the value of human rights in the world. That list of things that women do every day transcends any language or culture." One female student says, "This speech give me voice to make better in my life and don't give up." Another female student says, "This is a great challenge to learn how to speak to the world." Joyblub.

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