Gee Whiz!

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Yesterday afternoon, my friend and BNR colleague Peter Daou wrote a terrific piece (with some help from yours truly) about the studies which have found traffic to and engagement with political media are in steep decline, and how BNR is bucking that trend. (For the record: So is Shakesville!)
A troubling phenomenon is plaguing the media industry: political traffic is tanking during a presidential cycle...

Since last December, when our new editorial team took the reins of what was formerly Blue Nation Review, BNR has defied that trend with steady traffic growth and high levels of social media engagement. We attribute our success to our singular focus on establishing a media platform that Democrats trust, cutting through talking points, speaking from the heart, and challenging conventional wisdom.

In particular, our coverage of Hillary Clinton has stood apart for its passion, directness and willingness to counter pervasive storylines. We endorsed Hillary on January 22, and in the months since, we’ve published some of the most widely-disseminated content of the entire 2016 cycle, with our articles regularly receiving tens of thousands of social media shares.

This piece, Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America, is closing in on 300,000 shares, making it among the top five most viral positive pieces about Hillary of 2016 — and surpassing shares of her New York Times endorsement.
There's much, much more at the link.

Listen, the team of writers at BNR is terrific, and Peter is a great boss. I don't want to take away from the hard work and personal passion we put into that project. Because holy shit we put in a lot of work and passion. But what we're doing isn't magic, either: We are offering positive coverage of the most popular candidate. A historical candidate. A person who's been the most admired woman in the world for nearly two decades.

And we're the only place with as large an audience as we have doing it.

Which is incredible. And also speaks to the pervasive misogyny in the media. Even people who aren't as personally passionate about Clinton's candidacy as we are should be inclined to write positive stuff about her given her immense popularity! But she continues to get more negative coverage than Donald Trump!

It's no wonder that people are abandoning spaces in which they can't regularly (or ever) find positive coverage of the most popular presidential candidate.

Anyway. You can count on me, wherever I'm writing, to keep bringing the fire on behalf of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. I'm happy (and unsurprised) that it's good business, but #ImWithHer because of what's good for me.

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