[Content Note: Class warfare.]

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton released a powerful new ad recalling Donald Trump's comments about profiting from a housing crash. This is terrible but important stuff. Her campaign tweeted the ad with the blunt note: "When Trump got his wish for a housing crash, millions of Americans lost their homes. This guy can't be president."

Video Description:

Text onscreen, over an image of Donald Trump giving a double thumbs-up: "In 2006, Donald Trump was hoping for a real estate crash."

Clips from 2008 news reports. A male reporter's voice says: "This is an economy that can't find the bottom of bad news." Another male reporter's voice says: "Ten years of saving completely gone, vanished." Another male reporter's voice says: "The biggest crash of household wealth that we've ever had in the United States."

Text onscreen, over an image of people waiting in a long line: "9 million Americans lost their jobs."

Text onscreen, over video of houses down a street: "5 million families lost their homes."

Text onscreen, over an image of Trump sitting in his golden palace with a big grin on his face: "And the man who could be our next president was rooting for it to happen."

Audio of Donald Trump from 2006, over image of him blowing a kiss while standing in front of a US flag: "I sort of hope that happens, because then people like me would go in and buy. If there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know, you could make a lot of money."

Text onscreen: "If Donald wins, you lose."

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