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[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Bernie Sanders' strategy to delegitimize Hillary Clinton's winning fair and square continues, in the most incredible fashion:
Sen. Bernie Sanders is accusing the Democratic National Committee of tilting the party's convention in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In a Friday letter to DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz obtained by CNN, Sanders said the chairs of two convention committees are active supporters of his rival. The two leaders -- Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, co-chair of the Platform Committee, and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, the Rules Committee co-chair, are "aggressive attack surrogates" for Clinton. Frank has long battled with Sanders, penning an op-ed in Politico last summer titled "Why progressives shouldn't support Bernie."

"I do not, and the millions who have supported our campaign will not, have any confidence that either of them will conduct committee proceeding in an even-handed manner," Sanders wrote in the letter.

Sanders, who has tussled with the DNC several times this election season, said he's also disappointed that Wasserman Schultz selected only three of the more than 40 names he submitted for the standing committees.

"If the process is set up to produce an unfair, one-sided result, we are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention," Sanders wrote.
Leaving aside Sanders' breathtaking accusations that Malloy and Frank can't act evenhandedly because they support Clinton—who is, after all, a longtime Democrat, their former colleague, and the current frontrunner—none of this even matters because SANDERS CANNOT WIN. Not unless the superdelegates start abandoning the frontrunner two months before the convention, in spite of the fact that her opponent is losing by hundreds of pledged delegates and millions of votes.

Clinton has won it, even if it's not yet official. Sanders cannot make up the difference, even if he wins the next few state primaries, because he flatly won't win by large enough margins to erase his deficit in pledged delegates.

Clinton doesn't need anyone to be "corrupt" on her behalf! SHE HAS ALREADY WON FAIR AND SQUARE.

I don't even know what to say anymore. I really don't. I am so angry.

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