Stop It, Trump. Just Stop It.

[Content Note: Rape culture. Description of sexual assault at BNR link.]

Yesterday, during a rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Donald Trump was on his usual tirade about the United States' trade deficit with China, when he said: "We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what they're doing."

I have a new piece about this at BNR: "Trump Defends Comparing Trade Deficit to Rape."

It is very blunt—and, frankly, graphic, in elucidating for Trump exactly why and how a trade deficit is not like sexual violence.

I utterly refuse to keep silent about Trump appropriating "rape" to describe a trade deficit, and how profoundly gross it is. That is not his (or anyone else's) to use as a casual metaphor.

And I am incandescently angry that Trump is going to make this election as triggery and hurtful as possible for women.

On the one hand, we are on the verge of electing our first female president. On the other, we've got to navigate the most ugly misogyny being constantly disgorged by her likely opponent.

This guy makes me sick.

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