Let's Hope These Are the First of Many

McCain's Former Top Aide Will Support Clinton Over Trump:
A former aide to John McCain, who served both as the Arizona senator's chief of staff and a senior advisor on his 2008 presidential campaign, made clear Tuesday that he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the general election.

"I'm with her," Mark Salter tweeted, referring to Clinton's campaign slogan, after noting the likely nomination of Trump, "a guy who reads the National Enquirer and thinks it's on the level."
And Trump's taste in reading material is, of course, the least of his problems.

And at Fox News, former George W. Bush White House staffer David Meyers writes a message to his fellow Republicans: "If you back Trump you will not be trusted again."
Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States for reasons almost too numerous to mention.

First, Donald Trump's sole motivation for seeking the presidency is Donald Trump. His careers in business, reality television, and politics have been marked by personal ambition, self-aggrandizement, and a willingness to do or say anything to achieve power, fame, or notoriety. He is exactly the kind of demagogue that our founders feared might try to seek the Presidency for his own personal gain.

Furthermore, Trump lacks the judgment, character, and emotional stability to be president. Given his frequent public outbursts and lack of self-restraint, the thought of Mr. Trump controlling our military and nuclear weapons is unacceptable. The GOP, which has spent decades claiming to be the party of national security, should have been the first to declare Trump unfit for the presidency.

Instead, the opposite has happened.

...While I disagree with many of Hillary Clinton's policies, she is clearly qualified to be president. She possesses judgment and self-restraint. She does not have a track record of irrational, risky, and unsound business decisions and public comments. She has a long record of public service. She can be trusted with controlling our military and nuclear weapons. Mr. Trump cannot.

Any Republican who claims that it's better to elect Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton either lacks proper judgment, or has become so blinded by partisan ideology that they have lost objectivity.
Truly so.

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