I'm So Thrilled Jon Stewart Popped Up Again Just to Remind Me Why I Don't Like Him

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Jon Stewart's been getting a lot of attention for his searing insight that Donald Trump is a "man-baby." Getting significantly less attention are his comments about Hillary Clinton's "inauthenticity."
Jon Stewart on Monday weighed in on what he termed Hillary Clinton's "inauthenticity" during an interview with David Axelrod, comparing it to the "weird lag" of playing a PC game on a Mac computer.

The former host of "The Daily Show" told Axelrod that some politicians render "their inauthenticity in real time," while others do so with a bit of a lag.

"It's like when you have a Mac and you want to play a Microsoft game on it and there's that weird lag. That's Hillary Clinton," Stewart said during the taping of the interview at the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics.

"What gives me hope in that is that there is a delay, which means she is somehow fighting something," he continued. "I've seen politicians render their inauthenticity in real time, and that's where you go, 'That is a sociopath.'"
You know what? I never, ever, want to hear another dude comment on how Hillary Clinton is so terribly "inauthentic"—or its ugly cousin "calculating"—in response to visible evidence of the modulation she's obliged to practice as a result of decades of personal scrutiny so intense that it would lay waste to an average person without possession of her unfathomable reservoir of steely resolve.

Like every woman, she must contend with the Can't Fucking Win List—that list of contradictory rules that ensures we can never fucking win. And, on top of that whimsy-obliterating nightmare that forces each of us to adopt a restrictive self-consciousness, she's measured against a standard of perfection while being relentlessly subjected to incomprehensible personal attacks on an impossibly grand scale.

And she has been doing this for her virtually her entire adult life.

Yes, maybe that does make her guarded and somewhat more hesitant than she might be otherwise. Which ought to evince profound sympathy from any decent person, rather than some smug repartee about how "inauthentic" she is.

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