Primarily Speaking

Today: The Republicans hold contests in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi. The Democrats hold contests in Michigan and Mississippi.

Here are some cool headlines:

Michael Bloomberg: "The Risk I Will Not Take." He isn't running for president.

Washington Post: "Seeing Trump as Vulnerable, GOP Elites Now Eye a Contested Convention." In an ironic twist, now they want to disenfranchise their own voters!

New York Times: "Money Pours in as Move to Stop Donald Trump Expands." At what point, exactly, did these anti-Trump funders decide they had to get involved? Because it wasn't immediately after his disgusting announcement speech last summer. And yet that should have provided plenty reason to oppose him and halt his candidacy in its tracks. Point is: They don't care what he's saying; all they care about it is that they can't control him.

Politico: "Lindsey Graham: We Should Have Kicked Trump out of the Party." I mean, Donald Trump should be kicked out of everywhere always, but haha Senator Graham, let's not pretend that Trump's policies aren't squarely within the Republican mainstream.

HuffPo: "At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs and Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot to Stop Trump." My top secret sources tell me that they munched on "give us credit for pretending like we care" sandwiches and "too little too late" cookies.

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