Quote of the Day

[Content Note: White/male/straight/cis supremacy; xenophobia; fearmongering; descriptions of violence.]

"I've been really angry and depressed for the last few months. I've finally pieced together why. I'm afraid. I'm not afraid of teenagers building clocks. I'm not afraid of women having economic empowerment or sexual freedom. I'm not afraid of weddings with two grooms/brides, trans folks using bathrooms, Latinos making a living, or Black people wearing hoodies and playing music. I'm afraid of an angry white dude with a gun who's been told repeatedly that HIS country is dying and HE needs to take it back."—Derrick Lemos, in "What 'Taking the Country back' means for the rest of us."

Yep. Specifically an angry white dude with a gun who believes he has a right to feel safe (as distinct from being safe) and has never had to spend a moment of his life sitting with fear.

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