Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Misogynoir; appropriation; war on agency.]

"When it comes to advocating for policies that would actually support Black women and help them raise healthy children, far too many anti-choice activists are silent. But when it comes to using Black women as a cudgel to make a point about the evils of abortion and Planned Parenthood, it's damn near impossible to shut these activists up. The latest coordinated smear against Planned Parenthood—that they traffic in black-market fetal parts—is one of the most despicable attacks mounted by anti-choice fanatics in their long history of vilifying Planned Parenthood. And simmering just below the surface of this smear campaign is their go-to tactic: using Black women as chess pawns in their ideological campaign to end legal abortion care in this country."—Imani Gandy, in a must-read piece about anti-choice activists' cynical exploitation of Black women, whom they shame for their abortion choices even as they refuse to support policies that enable having and raising children in a safe environment.

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