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[Content Note: Misogynist terrorism] Fucking hell: "Eight of the 10 men reportedly jailed for the attempted assassination of Pakistani schoolgirl [and Nobel Peace Prize winner] Malala Yousafzai were acquitted, it has emerged. In April, officials in Pakistan said that 10 Taliban fighters had been found guilty and received 25-year jail terms. But sources have now confirmed to the BBC that only two of the men who stood trial were convicted. The secrecy surrounding the trial, which was held behind closed doors, raised suspicions over its validity."

[CN: War; humanitarian crisis] What are we even doing: "Twenty million Yemenis, nearly 80% of the population, are in urgent need of food, water and medical aid, in a humanitarian disaster that aid agencies say has been dramatically worsened by a naval blockade imposed by an Arab coalition with US and British backing. Washington and London have quietly tried to persuade the Saudis, who are leading the coalition, to moderate its tactics, and in particular to ease the naval embargo, but to little effect. A small number of aid ships is being allowed to unload but the bulk of commercial shipping, on which the desperately poor country depends, are being blocked. Despite western and UN entreaties, Riyadh has also failed to disburse any of the $274m it promised in funding for humanitarian relief."

[CN: War; arms] I'm sure this won't lead to any regrettable consequences: "The United States has quietly started delivering promised arms for Iraqi soldiers from a $1.6 billion fund approved by Congress last year, officials said, following mounting Iraqi frustration over the pace of coalition assistance. The Pentagon said long-awaited equipment from the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF) started being fielded about two weeks ago and was moving as fast as possible. Officials noted extensive, previous arms transfers under different U.S. authorities." Iraq needs weapons to fight IS, but will almost certainly lose some or most or all of those weapons to IS. We have been down this road before, and here we go again.

[CN: Unemployment; worker exploitation] The US added 280,000 jobs in May and everyone is celebrating huzzah. Except, again, there is very little information about the quality of those jobs and whether the people who take them will actually be able to support themselves, no less support themselves and start to build savings.

[CN: Misogyny] So, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders did an interview with Playboy. (No, I'm not linking to it; you can find it easily enough if you're so inclined.) Now, everyone can save the lectures about how (male) presidential candidates doing interviews with Playboy is tradition, because oh I know, I am well aware of that tradition. But I have a question: Has Bernie Sanders made himself available for extensive interviews with any feminist magazines? Ms? Bitch? Bust? Even a pseudo-feminist magazine like Cosmo? Any women's magazine at all? Not that I could find. (LOL.) I know I'm a feminist harpy bitchcunt etc. etc. but I question the priorities of a progressive male candidate doing an interview with Playboy before he committed to doing a single interview with a feminist women's magazine. Maybe I'm being unfair; maybe he's just waiting for them to invite him to write something.

[CN: Environmental concerns] Um okay: "Today, the Environmental Protection Agency released a draft assessment of its long-awaited study on the impact of hydraulic fracturing—also known as fracking—on drinking water resources in the United States. The report found that although fracking has, to date, been carried out in a way that has not led to widespread and systematic impacts on the country's drinking water, the process creates several key vulnerabilities that could potentially undermine the health of drinking water in the United States." How widespread does this have to be to be a major concern, though?

Miss Piggy explains why she is a feminist pig LOL.

Gleep glorp! Facebook Lite! (This actually sounds like a pretty decent alternative for people who don't have reliably robust connectivity but still want to engage with social media.)

I know there are a bunch of Victoria Beckham fans around here, so here is an article where she's talking about how she's still friends with all the Spice Girls, and how her husband is awesome, and how "I really value friendships between other girls."

What is this movie LOLOLOLOLOL?

And finally! Moose Family Jumps for Joy When a Woman Saves Them from Alaskan Heatwave. Aww lol! LOVE.

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