Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Homophobia.]

"When a CEO of a corporation makes a decision that irreparably harms the company that he or she runs, they oftentimes step aside voluntarily or are asked to by the Board of Directors. If Governor Pence can't even answer a simple question on national TV and defend our state and Hoosiers everywhere, he needs to look himself in the mirror and ask whether he has the leadership that Indiana needs right now. If Indiana was a corporation we'd be asking the Governor to step down. It's too late for clarifications. For the good of Indiana Governor, please step aside and let new leadership fix the harm that you've caused all of us that are proud to call ourselves Hoosiers."—Democratic Mayor of Hammond, Indiana, Thomas M McDermott, Jr., in a statement released today.

Damn! Shorter Mayor McDermott: "GTFO, Pence."

Right on.

The thing I love about this statement is that Pence wants Indiana run like a corporation. He wants to privatize everything and decimate all public services. So, yeah, let's hold him to account like Indiana is run like a corporation, exactly the way he wants.

He'll never step down, but I still love this. A lot.

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