TV Corner: The Parks & Rec Finale

[Content Note: Bullying. Spoilers.]

image of the Parks & Rec gang in the Parks Dept. office, sharing a group hug

Last night was the series finale of Parks and Recreation, so here is a thread for discussion about the episode, the series as a whole, your feelings about the show, etc.

The final season takes place three years in the future, and the finale episode jumps ahead as much as several decades, to let us know what happens in the lives of the characters with whom we've spent seven years.

My favorite arc, out of all of them, was Donna's. Donna has always been one of my favorite characters—there was never enough Donna in any episode for me!—and I was so happy with how her story resolved. She was happy, loved, successful, wealthy, influential, and generous. And still COOL AS FUCK. Perfect.

My least favorite arc was Ann's. Or, more specifically, the arc of Ann's and Leslie's friendship. Partly, that was because Rashida Jones left the show, but, truth be told, the terrific friendship between these two awesome characters, which was one of the primary reasons I loved the show in the first place, was increasingly relegated to the back burner in favor of the focus on their respective relationships with Chris and Ben. There was something sad for me in Ann's return, only to have her and Leslie gazing at their children, hoping their kids will fall in love. I wanted better for Ann; better for Ann and Leslie.

And then there's Gary. Oh, Gary. He of the perfect personal life, incandescently happy until his death on his hundredth birthday. And yet not spared one final indignity, as Ben observes that his name has been spelled wrong on his tombstone. Sigh.

About that funeral scene! And the Secret Service agents who told Leslie and Ben it was time to go. "Which one of them was president?" everyone was wondering on Twitter. Surely it was Leslie, who we later find out served two terms as Indiana's governor. (LOLOLOL FOREVER at the beautiful fantasy of a progressive feminist woman serving two terms as my state's governor!) From the bottom of a pit to the presidency.

Other things: Ron in his canoe. Ben's gaming kingdom. "His name's Jack."

I'm just so sad we didn't get to see what happened to Councilman Jamm. I can only imagine he is sitting in his private bathroom at City Hall right now, taking the hugest dump.

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