Rapists Are Liars

[Content Note: Rape culture; description of assault.]

Earlier today, I tweeted a link to Andrea Grimes' terrific piece "The Patriarchy's Perfect Weapon: But What If She's Lying?"

And, as follow-up, I tweeted: "Once again I'll suggest those who ask 'what if she's lying' acknowledge instead rapists are liars."

And: "Because, the thing is, rapists lie. They lie a lot."

And: "Rape culture is believing that women who have nothing to gain (and everything to lose) by lying are more likely to be liars than rapists."

Just now, I read this piece at CNN [video may autoplay at link] about a man who "took out an ad seeking participants for a sleep study. The ad sought women from their teens through their 40s." And then the man raped the women.
Police say around 100 women in Japan who thought they were participating in a sleep study were actually drugged and raped, their attacks recorded and sold to porn sites [making around $100,000].

Authorities arrested 54-year-old Hideyuki Noguchi, after one of the women saw herself in a video. Police investigated and arrested Noguchi, who now faces charges of incapacitated rape in some three dozen cases.

Authorities say Noguchi has told them the number of victims is about 100.

...Noguchi has no medical training and the study was merely a ruse to isolate women, drug them, assault them and film the attacks.
"Merely a ruse." That's a polite way of saying that he is a fucking liar who lied to get access to women so he could rape them.

Because rapists are liars.

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