Daily Dose of Cute

I have previously mentioned that Olivia, the most annoying creature on the planet, is the most food-aggressive cat (or any animal!) I have ever met in my life. She will literally try to grab food directly out my mouth while I'm eating; I go through a thousand glasses of water a day, because I can't leave them unattended for one second before she's dipping her dirty paws in there; she will risk her life stealing food from the dogs; she guards the cat food and hovers over the other two cats while they eat, ready to pounce if she thinks they're taking more than their fair share.

It's not a medical issue. She's just a greedy little goblin.

If I don't lock her up in the kitchen while I'm eating, I have to put her down on the floor over and over and over while I try to eat. She just hops right back up; nothing deters her. If I say, "No!" I might as well be saying, "Please grab my food and eat it, Olivia. Help yourself!"

If I don't immediately put my plate away in the sink as soon as I'm finished, she's all over it, licking up the crumbs.

This is what happened when I finished my lunch earlier:

series of four images of Olivia licking my plate clean, then licking her lips, then standing on my lap, looking at me while licking her lips some more

Every millimeter of plate licked clean of leftover crumbs and smudges from my turkey sandwich and side of Brussels sprouts, then a satisfied licking of the lips before she crawled up on my lap, licking her lips some more, seeking some cuddles.


This cat.

* * *

As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

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