International Feminist Man of Awesomeness Terry Crews stopped by Sesame Street to teach kids about artists, and it is exactly as adorbz as you'd imagine:

Video Transcript: Terry Crews, a tall and muscled middle-aged black man, appears onscreen with The Count, a purple muppet, and Abby, a pink muppet, who is holding a magic wand. "Greetings! I am The Count!" says The Count. "And I'm Abby!" says Abby. "And I'm Terry!" says Terry, continuing, "And we're here to tell you all about the word artist."

"Mm-hmm," says Abby. "Did you know an artist is someone who creates art?"

"It's true!" says Terry. "And there are lots of different kinds of artists."

"Why don't you show everyone different kinds of artists," suggests The Count, "and I will count them!"

"That is a great idea, Count!" exclaims Abby.

"But where are we going to get different kinds of artists?" asks Terry.

"You're gonna be different kinds of artists, Terry!" Abby tells him.

"What?!" says Terry. Abby waves her magic wand at Terry and he transforms into a painter, standing beside an easel with a painting of Abby on it. "Whoa!" Terry exclaims. "I'm a painter!"

"That is one kind of artist!" says The Count.

Abby waves her wand again, and Terry transforms into a sculptor. "Whoa! Look at me—I'm a sculptor!" says Terry.

"That is two —two kinds of artists!" says The Count.

"Haha—well, you ain't seen nothing yet!" says Abby, again waving her wand. Terry turns into a violinist.

"I'm a violinist!" Terry says, "playing" the violin.

"That is three different kinds of artists!" says The Count.

Abby hits Terry again with magic, and Terry morphs into a disco dancer, complete with shiny purple shirt. "I'm a dancer!" he says, and begins dancing, and it is PERFECTION.

"Four kinds of artists!" pronounces The Count.

Abby then turns Terry into a mime, and Terry immediately begins doing the "mime in a box" schtick.

"Is a mime an artist?" The Count asks.

"Ohhhhh yeahhhhh," Abby replies.

"Then that is five artists!" says The Count. Terry continues to mime in the background. "Five wonderful kinds of artists!"

"Artists!" they all shout in unison.

"Hey!" Abby exclaims at Terry. "Mimes don't talk!"

"Oh! Right!" says Terry, and resumes miming hilariously.

"Artist," say The Count and Abby.

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