Good morning! (Or whatever time it is in your part of the world!) Last night, I saw this ad for the first time (and then saw it a million more times and loved it each and every time!), and Shaker FloraFlora happened to leave it in comments, too, so let's all watch it and/or read the transcript and talk about how adorable it is, and also abot how advertising doesn't have to be terrible!

Video Description: Over plucky guitar music and a folksy song, comes video of a young orangutan with hir arm around a blue-ticked hound dog; a mama cat nursing ducklings along with her kittens; a brindle bulldog and a lion cub playing together; a blond shepherd mix pushing a ginger tabby cat in a baby stroller; a baby rhino trotting alongside a sheep; a baby elephant and a sheep running around and then playing in the dirt together; the orangutan leaping at the hound dog and then flopping on the ground; a yellow lab swimming in the sea with a dolphin; a black lab standing on top of an elephant, then leaping off hir back into the water, then, back on land, sitting on hir leg panting happily; a white cockatoo stealing spaghetti out of a pot and giving it to a husky; a brown tabby cat opening a door for a tiny terrier; a deer and a black great dane running and leaping together in tall grass; a monkey hopping up on a horse's back; a baby goat hopping up on a horse's back and immediately falling off; a wombat riding a tortoise; a white and silver tabby kitten playing with a golden retriever's ear; two lemurs snuggling with a lion cub; a deer grooming a golden retriever; a tiger and a bear nuzzling each other's giant faces; the orangutan standing beside the hound dog with hir arm around hir, then lifting hir arms over hir head and pratfalling backwards onto the grass. Text Onscreen: "Be together. Not the same." Android logo.

When we saw that advert last night, Iain said: "That commercial makes me happy to have an Android device!" Aww. Me too!

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