SCOTUS & Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States will be meeting this Friday to decide whether to hear a same-sex marriage case—and, if so, which case(s). At BuzzFeed, Chris Geidner has a primer on the likely "same-sex marriage showdown," and notes that "after Friday's conference, if a decision is made to take one or more cases, the decision is expected to be announced that afternoon."

So, by the end of this week, we could know whether SCOTUS will soon be ruling on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage.

Which is terrifying, because they could get it wrong, and exhilarating, because they could get it right.

I still think, and am hopeful that, SCOTUS will rule bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, and finally make a federal guideline allowing same-sex marriage once and for all. But they have surprised me in a bad way before, and I will be biting my nails all the way down to the decision.

Get it right, SCOTUS. Get it right.

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