Quote of the Day

"I do my best to not spend too much time thinking about [living up to the Breaking Bad legacy]. And I'm always so careful when I say that because I would never want it to read like I don't care. But the trouble is that I care too much. The only thing we can control, and we've been working our butts off to do just that, is putting on the best show we know how to create."—Vince Gilligan, mastermind of Breaking Bad and showrunner for the prequel series premiering next month, Better Call Saul.

The quote comes from this Variety article about the soon-to-debut series, which is really interesting just from the standpoint of getting a peek into the creative process of people who take seriously the work and art of making good television.

So it might be worth your time, if you're interested in that sort of creative stuff, even if you don't care much about the show.

I am now officially excited for the premiere.

Random Aside: I am so old that I was a fan of Bob Odenkirk when he was on The Ben Stiller Show fully one million years ago. For those of you under 100, there was a time when Ben Stiller was funny and he had a sketch comedy show and it was actually very good. Hey, hey, we're The Grungies. LOL. The '90s, man.

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