[Content Note: Coercion; rape culture trope.]

For a year now, I've been objecting over and over and over to the coercive language being used around the possible and/or desired presidential runs of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Naturally, I have been accused of overreacting (because of course), so it was really thoughtful for this guy to just go head and make it as obvious as possible:

screen cap of a tweet authored by Philip Rucker reading: A Dem source just summed it up neatly: 'Elizabeth Warren's mouth says no, but her eyes say yes, yes, yes.'

Now, I don't know if a "Dem source" actually said these words, or Philip Rucker, who is a reporter for the Washington Post, paraphrased in the shittiest attempt at humor, but, either way, this is precisely my point.

It isn't just me who's seeing this coercive language for what it is. The people who are engaging in it know precisely the nature of what they're saying and doing. The only difference between us is that they think it's a fucking joke.

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