Fair AND Balanced!

[Content Note: Christian Supremacy; gender essentialism.]

Hey, remember when our favorite Christian friend Kirk Cameron made a message for Moms about how they're responsible for making Christmas perfect for everyone? Well, guess what? He's got a message for Dads, too!

Men. Fathers. Husbands. Sons. Our example in our family's life is so important at Christmastime. So be all in this year. Don't be a bah humbug! Support the women in your life. Put up the lights, prepare the house, and realize how blessed you are. Remember: Jesus came to serve, and so should you and I. Oh! And you know what the really manly thing to do this Christmas is? How about the dishes?! Or give your wife a good foot massage. That would be awesome, because I'm thinking she deserves it. And you know what another amazing thing you could do is? Take your whole family and see Saving Christmas this weekend. That would be awesome. You got this! [high five at the camera]
Again, that is a perfect advertisement for a perfect movie!

Obviously, I love everything about this. Especially how men should "serve" by doing the dishes after their wives plan the meal, do the grocery shopping, prepare the food, cook the food, serve the food, clear the food, and wrap up the leftover food. Seems fair. Especially when you throw in the "service" of giving a foot massage to a wife after she does literally everything else besides stringing up lights to make Christmas special for the entire family.

"Hey, honey, because I'm a good Christian man, I noticed you look like you could use a 5-minute foot massage after you bought Christmas cards, filled out Christmas cards, addressed Christmas cards, mailed Christmas cards, bought baking ingredients, baked cookies, got our Christmas box down from the attic, decorated the house, hung up the kids' stockings, helped kids write letters to Santa, bought all the kids' Christmas presents, wrapped all the kids' Christmas presents, hid the kids' Christmas presents where they couldn't find them, set up the tree, decorated the tree, made travel arrangements for my parents, cleaned up the guest room, moved my golf clubs from the guest room into the garage, picked my parents up at the airport while I was stringing those lights, and probably two dozen other things I couldn't be arsed to notice, but boy oh boy did you do your Christian wifely duty of making Christmas special for everyone and maintaining your joy through it all! Now howsabout that foot rub before the game comes on?"

Merry Christmas, ladies!

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