This F@#king Guy

Over the weekend, former President George W. Bush appeared on Face the Nation, because of course he did, and Bob Schieffer asked him if he had any regrets about the Iraq War (video should start playing at 1:21):

Schieffer: Do you have any regrets about that, Mr. President?

Bush: Ah, no. I have regrets that, uhh—[deep breath]—that—

Schieffer: I mean, do you ever feel that maybe it was the wrong decision?

Bush: No, I think it was the right decision. My, my regret is that, uhh, a violent group of people have risen—risen up again. This is [long pause; shakes head] al-Qaeda plus. And, um, I put in the book that they need to be defeated. And, uh, I hope we do. It's, uh—I hope the strategy works.
Got that? Bush doesn't regret the decision to go to war in Iraq, even though it is now being overrun by IS, a group he describes as "al-Qaeda plus," because that is obviously President Obama's fault for ending the war, not his for starting it.

(And note that his implication Obama is to blame for ending the war is completely disingenuous, because the drawing down date was decided before Bush left office.)

It's tough to imagine how everything could have gone so wrong with a man in charge whose foreign policy ideas literally have all the sophistication of: "Terrorists need to be defeated. I put it in my book."

Someone go pat him on his head.

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