Here is a splendid compilation of baby elephants being clumsy, silly, and/or goofy. BECAUSE BABY ELEPHANTS!

Video Description: A series of video clips of baby elephants set to Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk." A baby elephant stumbles over a bunch of tires in the grass. A baby elephant plays with a big red ball. A baby elephant walking alongside adult elephants falls over and splashes in a mud puddle. Two juvenile elephants playfully fight each other. A baby elephant carefully balances on a log. The baby elephant in the mud puddle gets up, then falls over again. A baby elephant flops gracelessly into a kiddie pool full of water. A juvenile elephant tries to crawl up on an adult's back. A baby elephant falls over into a kiddie pool. A baby elephant runs across a savannah and trips and falls over. A juvenile elephant crawls on an adult who's rolling in the grass. The previous juvenile elephant crawling on an adult makes it up onto the adult's back, then falls over. A baby elephant leans against a log, then topples over. A baby elephant leans against an upright piece of wood, then topples over. A baby elephant falls over a ridge into a ditch. More playing with the big red ball. A baby elephant rolls around in sawdust. A juvenile elephant falls into the water while traversing a narrow bit of land over a pond. More silly antics in a kiddie pool. Two adult elephants run over to rescue the baby elephant who fell into the ditch. A juvenile elephant plays with a long blue ribbon. A baby elephant runs out from some brush onto a dirt road and falls over. The two adult elephants right the baby who fell into the ditch. A baby elephant plays with its own trunk with its foot. A juvenile elephant waves its trunk at a ginger cat. A baby elephant stomps the sand like a tough guy. A baby elephant eats some vines. The juvenile elephant waves its back leg at the cat. A baby elephant plays with a garden hose. A baby elephant splashes around in a tub of water. More playing with tires. Kicking a soccer ball. Tough guy posturing, then running away. Hahaha.


[Via Stacey.]

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