How Magnanimous

[Content Note: Police brutality; racism.]

Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, may resign from the force:
Officer Darren Wilson is close to resigning from the Ferguson Police Department as a grand jury continues to decide whether to indict him in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen.

Various media outlets, including CNN, have reported that Wilson has told associates he would resign to help ease tensions and protect his fellow officers ahead of the grand jury announcement.
Oh fuck off forever.

First of all, why is his resignation even an option for him? He should have been fired months ago.

Secondly, there aren't instruments sufficient to measure my contempt for this guy positioning himself as some kind of martyr who will resign to protect other officers, allowing him to then claim responsibility for "easing tensions" if he is indicted and the world does not, in fact, blow up as he and every other asshole from Ferguson to Fartsville is predicting it will.

That is some kind of extraordinary chutzpah, right there. "If people don't riot, it will be because of my generous peacemaking gesture!" Dude. The only reason there is a possibility of riots is because you are a cruel murderous fuck.

Let us all take a second to appreciate that the officer who totally definitely for sure didn't shoot Michael Brown in the street because of racism is implying that he is a white savior who will sacrifice himself in order to protect other people from violent hordes of black protestors.

This fucking guy.

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