The Wednesday Blogaround

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Recommended Reading:

Mallory: We Regret to Announce That Your Request of "Gotta Hear Both Sides" Has Been Denied

BYP: Marvel Announces First Black and First Female Superhero Movies

More here. CN for disablist language.

Bobby: Is an LGBT Superhero Film Far Off?

An oldie but a goodie: Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman

Nellie: With How to Get Away With Murder, Black-ish, and Jane the Virgin, Diversity Scores for Broadcast Networks This Fall

Adrienne: [Content Note: Racism] Missing the point on the Red Mesa Redsk*ns

Melissa: [CN: Fat hatred; body policing and shaming] Five Reasons Why We Need to Stop Thinking of Skinny-Shaming as 'Reverse Discrimination'

Veronica: Day 300 of #365FeministSelfie!

Angry Asian Man: Are you Asian American and Drink Alcohol? Science Needs You!

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