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Here is some stuff in the news today...

[Content Note: Illness] Amber Vinson, the other Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, has also recovered and will be released today. Yay!

[CN: War on agency] Chipping away at Roe in Oklahoma: "Reproductive rights advocates filed an emergency motion Monday with the Oklahoma Supreme Court, asking the state's highest court to put on hold new anti-choice regulations set to take effect November 1. The filing comes after Oklahoma County District Court Judge Bill Graves ruled last week that SB 1848, which mandates that all reproductive health-care clinics have a physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital, could take effect. Attorneys from the Center for Reproductive Rights filed the emergency motion on behalf of Dr. Larry Burns, a Norman-based abortion provider who provides about 44 percent of the abortions in the state. Burns, according to court filings, has been unable to obtain the required hospital admitting privileges and will likely be forced to stop providing abortions should the law be enforced." The anti-choice people are fully the worst. Every time I hear them claim to care about women, I want to break things.

[CN: Guns; death; MPHS shooting] This is so fucking terrible: "Before opening fire on five students and then killing himself, a popular high school football player in Washington state had texted his victims and asked them to join him at lunch, officials said Monday." They were there because he asked them to be there. I don't even have words.

[CN: Misogyny; racism] According to analysis by the National Women's Law Center, the US wage gap for "for African American and Latina women is worse in some areas where the overall gender wage gap is small. The gender wage gap in Washington, DC is overall the smallest in the country [but] it turns out the wage gap for African American women in the District is the second worst in the entire country. ...In an attempt to lessen the gender wage gap, activists have pushed for the Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA) which would require employers to provide the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission pay data by sex, race and national origin of employees. The PFA would also prohibit employers from retaliating against their employees for discussing wages with coworkers and strengthen remedies for pay discrimination. However, the Act was blocked twice this year by Senate Republicans and four times since 2012 by legislators who voted along party lines."

RNC Chair Reince Priebus says Hillary Clinton is bad at politics ahhhhhaahhahahahaaaahahaaha okay player.

Do you hate watching ads before YouTube videos, and you would definitely pay a subscription fee to avoid them? Well, you may be in luck!

The suspected science behind people who feel weather in their bones. Neat!

I am kind of obsessed with the Oculus Rift and its technological potential, so I found this super interesting: "First Oculus Rift documentary wipes out everything filmmakers know."

I definitely need a t-rex shower head, like, yesterday.

And finally! Ducks determined not to be rescued are finally rescued. LOL oh ducks!

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