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I don't know how long this advert for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been running, but I saw it for the first time last night, and I love it so much! Since I spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about shitty advertising, I like to occasionally highlight the ads that do a good job, too. To be abundantly clear, I'm not affiliated with or being compensated by Samsung in any way, and I'm not endorsing the product; I just like the ad.

Actress Kristen Bell, a 34-year-old thin white blond woman, lies in bed with her real-life husband, actor Dax Shepard, a 39-year-old thin white sandy-haired man. it is morning. They are holding hands, and looking at their hands. Shepard says, referring to Bell's hands, "How do you even hold things with these little guys?" She laughs. "Hey," he says, "we promised we'd hike." He grabs the tablet from the nightstand. "I'm checking the weather."

"Uh-oh," says Bell, pointing at the screen, which reads 83° and partly sunny. "We'd better play it safe and focus on mental fitness." Snuggled up, they give each other a look of agreement.

Cut to Bell, who is pregnant, dancing at the bathroom sink in pajamas. "Could it be I'm falling in love with youuuuuu?" she sings, while the song plays from her tablet.

Downstairs, Shepard watches a dirtbike race on his tablet in the kitchen, while he eats something. A call comes in from Bell. "What are you doing down there?" she asks him. He tells her, "Ah, watching a baby tutorial!"

Cut to the two of them eating lunch on the balcony. Shepard, in a terribly unintelligible accent, runs lines for an audition. He reads the script on his tablet, while Bell films him with hers. She lowers her tablet. "Is the audition to play a Portuguese guy?" she asks him. "No. British," he tells her. "Oh," she says.

Cut to Bell playing a video game on her tablet and making excited noises. "Wooooo yes!" she shouts. "Did you just deliver?" Shepard asks.

Cut to Bell at home, video chatting with Shepard, who is out and about. "It's a no-go on the pierogies," he tells her. "Kale chop," she tells him. Later: "Kale salad's out," he informs her. "Frozen yogurt," she requests. Later: "Whaaaaat!" he shouts triumphantly as he holds up frozen yogurt.

Cut to back home; Bell is standing at the window, holding her tablet and weeping. "Honey, are you okay?" Shepard asks her. She shows him the video she's been watching on her tablet of a cat playing with a dog's tail. "He's being so nice!" she says through tears. He hugs her from behind. "I'd prefer you didn't watch these when you're pregnant, sweetie," he says gently, and she nods in agreement. "Okay."

Cut to Bell poolside, curled up in a chair, watching a yoga video on her tablet. "You are really going for it!" Shepard says, handing her a drink. "Eyes are muscles, too," she says.

Cut to early evening, and Shepard is standing by the window in a tuxedo. Bell enters in a black gown. "Perfect," he tells her. "I don't know," she shrugs, then turns and leaves. Later: Shepard is sitting on the back of the couch, his jacket lying beside him. Bell twirls in a party dress. "Beautiful," he tells her. "I feel like it makes me look pregnant," she says. Later: Shepard is sitting on the couch, in the gathering dark, looking at his tablet. Bell returns wearing a long stripey gown. "Honey?" she says. "Spectacular," he tells her, glancing over his shoulder. "You didn't even look!" she says. "Of course I did!" he tells her. "What are you watching?" she asks him, walking over to him. He is watching The Princess Bride, and Wesley is just about to kiss Buttercup. "I love this scene," Bell breathes.

Cut to the two of them snuggled on the couch in the darkness, watching the tablet, still all dressed up to go out. "How late are we?" she asks. Shepard, munching on popcorn, looks at his watch. "Um, it ended two hours ago." They snuggle in to keep watching the movie.

Voiceover with info about the tablet.
I feel like the transcript doesn't quite capture the sweetness of the actual ad. It is very sweet, and Bell and Shepard are charming together. I imagine this will feel like home to a lot of couples.

Surely Iain and I are not the only couple who's also had the Giant Hand Tiny Hand conversation, lol...?

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