Good Morning! Or Whatever!

This is just a terrific campaign reminding all of us that Republicans are people, too. Sure, they are people who don't think (other) people are entitled to food, but they're people otherwise just like you and me! PROOF:

Wacky music. Text onscreen: "Did you know?"

Image of thin white middle-aged man in glasses standing next to a Prius. Text onscreen: "Republicans drive Priuses. #ImARepublican" (Most of the subsequent images, aside from the ones about race and a few others, include this hashtag.)

Image of a blue recycling bin. Text onscreen: "Republicans recycle."

Image of a thin young white (or possible Latino) man wearing sunglasses and listening to music on large headphones. Text onscreen: "Republicans listen to Spotify."

Image of a different thin white middle-aged man putting together some furniture. Text onscreen: "Republicans put together Ikea furniture."

Image of a thin white middle-aged woman with short brown hair and glasses. Text onscreen: "Republicans are white."

Image of a thin black woman with short hair and glasses. Text onscreen: "Republicans are black."

Image of a thin Latina with long dark hair. Text onscreen: "Republicans are Hispanic."

Image of an in-betweenie older Asian woman with short graying hair. Text onscreen: "Republicans are Asian."

At this point, you get the drift. It's some totally obvious image with some text next to it. The rest of it (mostly with images of thin white people) is: "Republicans read the New York Times. In public. Republicans use Macs. Republicans are grandmas, daughters, moms. Republicans are left-handed. Republicans are doctors. Welders. Teachers. Republicans donate to charity. Republicans enjoy gourmet cooking. Republicans shop at Trader Joe's. Republicans like dogs. And cats. But probably dogs a little more than cats. Republicans have tattoos. And beards. Republicans have feelings. Republicans are people who care. Republicans are people, too. Tell us your story."
Case closed, your honor! Republicans are definitely people!

You know, for people whose party spends an awful lot of time pursuing policy and using rhetoric that dehumanizes people, they sure are sensitive about having their own humanity recognized. "Republicans are hypocrites!"

The genius behind this campaign, Vinny Minchillo, whose background includes making stupendous ads for Mitt Romney's last campaign, says he launched Republicans Are People, Too because:
It's become socially acceptable to talk about Republicans in the most evil terms possible and that doesn't seem right. We wanted to do this to really remind people that Republicans are friends, neighbors and do things that maybe you wouldn't expect them to do.

People, I'm afraid, think that Republicans spend their days huddling over a boiling cauldron throwing in locks of Ronald Reagan's hair. ...We thought, let's get out there and show who Republicans really are: regular folks interested in making the world a better place.
I am reminded of the time my Uncle Bill, who was a man of few words, was obliged to behold a precocious two-year-old child recite the names of elements from the Periodic Table, prompted by his parents shouting random atomic numbers. After a good five minutes of this interminable party trick, my uncle removed himself from the room, muttering under his breath: "I'd be more impressed if he could feed himself and stop shitting his pants."

This campaign is the equivalent of a toddler being forced to be an obnoxious dancing monkey by his terrible parents, when all we really want, Republicans, is for you to use a fork and the toilet.

Like people do.

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