[Content Note: Thrill ride; disablism.]

image of a verrrrry tall water slide, which plummets almost straight down, then goes upwards and over another curve

This is the new Verrückt water slide at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas, which is the world's tallest water slide and is now open for business:
Before park visitors go down the slide, they'll have to go up: 264 stairs to a platform higher than the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls.

...In order to prepare for the opening, the slide needed some adjustments. The rafts, which were originally intended to hold four people, now hold three. The slope of the hill was changed to a "more gentle" 22 degrees, but was heightened by 11 feet. The structure is 168 feet tall.

...Before even being allowed to climb the stairs, visitors must step onto a scale to ensure the combined weight of the two or three people who will be on a single raft does not exceed 550 pounds. After passing that, a park worker reads a two-page list that is part warning and part disclaimer.

One of the warnings listed is the possibility of death.
So, my question to you, Shakers, is: Would you go on this water slide?

In case you need more information before making up your mind, here is a video of people going on it and screaming and pretty much looking like they're going to shit their pants:

[Video Description: Precisely as introduced.]

I would do it. My butt would be puckered like a collapsing star and my face would be contorted into an expression of terror so severe it might never recover, but I would totally do it.

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