This is a real article in the world.

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

This is actual lede of this actual article: "Hillary Clinton for the umpteenth time is coyly chewing over the possibility of a 2016 White House run."

Coyly chewing. That minx!

That opening is followed by this paragraph:
"I know I have a decision to make," the former secretary of state recently told People magazine about her status as early frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. "But part of what I've been thinking about is everything I'm interested in, and everything I enjoy doing. And with the extra added joy of, 'I'm about to be a grandmother,' I want to live in the moment; at the same time, I am concerned about what I see happening in the country and in the world."
So, basically, in the course of an interview where she was asked for "the upteenth time" about whether she's running, she gave a complex answer about balancing her private life against her life of public service.

Coyly chewing.

Later, in the same piece, Clinton is referred to as a "dynasty matriarch."

Which, you know, apart from being a gendered term with negative connotations (since she's often said to be unsuitable for the presidency because of her family connections), also makes her sound like Barbara Bush. But Hillary Clinton is not Barbara Bush. She is married to a former president, but she is not married to a former president, mother of a former president, and mother of a former governor and likely presidential candidate.

She's a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State whose only child is not a politician.

In related news: Digby takes on the "is Hillary using a walker?!" bullshit.

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