That's Your Liberal Media!

Currently on the front page of NBC News is this totally terrific teaser to a totally trenchant story:

screen cap of a story teaser which is a picture of a debate between John McCain and President Obama, in which McCain is prominently in the foreground with President Obama blurred in the background, with the headline: 'Where Have All The Popular Politicians Gone?'

When you click through to the story, you are greeted with this lede: "Where have all the popular politicians gone? President Obama isn't the only American politician who's struggling these days. In fact, unlike others, his favorable/unfavorable numbers are actually above water—the first time for him since Oct. 2013. Consider these politicians, institutions, and companies our most recent NBC/WSJ poll measured (from best to worst)" followed by this list:

screen cap of list reading: 'Hillary Clinton: 48% positive, 32% negative (+16) Barack Obama: 44% positive, 41% negative (+3) Democratic Party: 36% positive, 37% negative (-1) General Motors: 27% positive, 29% negative (-2) Rand Paul: 23% positive, 26% negative (-3) Michael Bloomberg: 18% positive, 26% negative (-8) Jeb Bush: 21% positive, 32% negative (-11) The Koch Brothers: 10% positive, 21% negative (-11) Mitch McConnell: 8% positive, 23% negative (-15) Republican Party: 25% positive, 44% negative (-19) The Tea Party: 22% positive, 41% negative (-19)'

So, Republican Senator John McCain isn't even on the list, and the Democratic President with higher positive than negative ratings, unlike a single one of the Republican politicians or institutions mentioned, is blurred into the background of an image of McCain. GODDAMNED LIBERAL MEDIA!

Meanwhile: When the fuck did "General Motors" become a politician?

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