Good Morning! (Or Whatever!)

Here is just a ridiculously adorable video of President Barack Obama being mobbed by kids who love him at the White House Talent Show yesterday, including a kid who tugs on the President's ear in order to tell him something, while First Lady Michelle Obama talks about the importance of the arts for kids. OMG. The cuuuuuuuute!

The clip starts with President Obama handing a microphone to First Lady Obama, to the sound of applause, as they stand on a brightly decorated stage, surrounded by children, most of whom are black.

"Thank you, honey," says First Lady Obama. They kiss. "Thank you, honey. That's how—you guys, I want all the kids to know just how important you are that the President of the United States came by to tell you how proud he was." The kids laugh and cheer. "I just want to thank everyone—to all our principals, to all our teachers, to our turnaround artists, to our funders—this wouldn't be possible without you. Remember what I said early on—just think about the millions of kids who aren't being touched by the arts. Look at how much we're missing. We can't afford to miss out on any kid's talent, reaching their potential— I have seen these kids, from little to—" She puts her hand on top of a little black boy's head and he grins. "This little one has grown up so much! And I am so proud of them. We have to make this a reality for every child in this country. We just have to."

Meanwhile, while she's speaking, President Obama leans down toward a little black boy who's beckoning him. But when he doesn't lean down quite far, enough, the boy reaches up and pulls him down by the ear, and tells him something, to which Obama nods and agrees. He high-fives a little black girl. He leans down and speaks to the kids surrounding him. Some of them gently reach out and touch him, patting him and lying their hands on him. They look at him with awe. He grins and puts his arm around a black girl's shoulders. The kids crowd him and chatter, and he says, "Shhhh" because the First Lady is speaking. He gazes at her, holding some of the kids close to him.
Everything about this video. EVERYTHING.

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