Discussion Thread: Best Current TV Shows

We are definitely in another golden age of TV, and there are SO MANY good television shows right now. And not just television shows, but shows that are streaming, maybe to a TV and maybe not, via Netflix and Hulu and Amazon etc.

So I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we recommend the best current shows we're watching. So many of the shows I love right now came via recommendations, and I'm constantly getting new recs. I have been told to watch Orphan Black at least thirty-seven biebillion times by now! I need to get on that. Obviously.

Anyway! So here's a rec thread, and, if possible, try to explain why you like the show without too many spoilers for folks who might want to watch it.

And remember that we all draw our lines about what's too problematic in different places, so no judgment of what other people are watching and enjoying. Although if you want to make note of potentially triggering content which hasn't been mentioned in regard to a recommended show, that's okay. It's eminently possible to do that without embedded judgment for people who like it despite that content.

Have at it!

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