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Here is some stuff in the news today!

[Content Note: Sexual violence; racism] A bunch of people are asking me if I've seen this story out of India, about elders in a rural village allowed the gang rape of a young women as punishment for dating a man from outside the community, after her family couldn't afford to pay the fine they'd levied. It's horrendous. I am grieving for the woman who was subjected to this torture. I can't even imagine what else I could say about it, besides to make the observation that there are lots of people who will use this story to talk about how bad things are "over there," but will jump to the defense of a bunch of high school athletes "over here" who commit similar crimes. Boys will be boys, etc. Rape cultures manifest differently in different cultures, but anyone who imagines that stories like this prove some point about the "civilized" west or the "savage" other is just comprehensively full of shit. And a racist rape apologist.

[CN: Sexual assault; harassment] Hunter Moore, the human nightmare behind the "revenge-porn" website, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of "conspiracy to 'access a protected computer without authorization to obtain information for private financial gain' and other counts. On multiple occasions, Moore paid Evens to break into the email accounts of victims and steal nude photos to post on the website, according to the indictment." Whatever the possible sentence is, it isn't enough.

Whooooooooops! Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza has been indicted on federal charges of violating campaign finance laws.

[CN: Cancer] According to Consumer Reports, the chemical used to give soda its caramel color may cause cancer. Terrific.

[CN: Food insecurity] The reduction in federal funding for food stamps is putting an incredible strain on food banks. And, contrary to conservative fantasies about charity stepping up in response to gutting the social safety net, all that's happening is that more poor people are putting a greater demand on limited resources, while the wealthy shout at them about fucking bootstraps.

[CN: Sexual violence] A new Justice Department study has found that "allegations of sex abuse in the nation's prisons and jails are increasing...but prosecution is still extremely rare." Which is certainly due in large part to the fact that prison guards are responsible for half of all those assaults.

Saturday Night Live has named its new Weekend Update co-anchor since Seth Meyers is leaving for Late Night and fates forfend Cecily Strong be allowed to anchor all on her own. Don't worry, everyone—it's a white guy! PHEW.

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