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Here is some stuff in the news today!

Oregon's Chief Operating Officer and Director of Administrative Services Michael Jordan issued a memo to state agencies earlier this week directing them to recognize legal same-sex marriages performed in other states "for the purposes of administering state programs." Legal same-sex marriage is still not offered in Oregon itself, "although a lawsuit filed this week aims to overturn the constitutional amendment that bans such marriages."

[Content Note: Death; end-of-life decisions] This is a really amazing article about why US physicians generally make different end-of-life choices for themselves than their patients do.

There are definitely some questions that the administration needs to answer about the spending on the flawed technology that has compromised the Obamacare roll-out.

[CN: Classism] The Myth of Bootstraps: "A new report by the Southern Education Foundation reveals that for the first time in 40 years, a majority of public school students throughout the Southern and Western United States are low-income."

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, released research earlier this week revealing its finding that "outdoor air pollution has been definitively linked to cancer and is officially classified as a carcinogen."

A month after the flooding in Colorado, small towns are still struggling to recover, while the nation's attention has been turned to the fuckery in DC.

[CN: Sexual assault] A US federal air marshal "has been arrested and accused of taking cellphone photographs underneath women's skirts as they boarded a plane at Nashville International Airport." I have a special reservoir of sulfur-scented contempt for men tasked with protecting people who exploit and harm women.

Do you like Kristen Bell and/or Dax Shepard? Then maybe you will be interested in the news that they got married! I don't know much about either of them, but something something Veronica Mars and lots of ladies in my life swooning at the mere mention of Kristen Bell's name!

If you were hoping there would be a Calvin & Hobbes movie someday, too bad because there ain't gonna be one! So I am sorry, if you wanted that! I did not want that, even though I love Calvin & Hobbes very much, but I can see why someone might!

This video about Hope for Paws' rescue work in LA with homeless dogs made me blub my face off. In a good way!

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