This Is Terrible Advice and Do Not Take It

[Content Note: Sexual violence; rape apologia. NB: Marriages are not exclusively comprised of different-sex couples, nor exclusively of people who desire sex.]

As everyone knows, I am a huge fan of garbage television. (Seriously, it is all for which I have mental energy left at the end of a day of writing.) But some garbage television is Not Fun (for me; like what you like!) and while I could easily lose myself in a Ghost Mine marathon, I have never watched an episode of Real Housewives. Of any county or state. It's just not my scene.

So I have no idea who Melissa Gorga is, but evidently she is a Real Housewife of New Jersey, and she has just published an advice book [NOTE: Please see additional context discussed in comments] titled Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage, which contains the following passage:
Men, I know you think your woman isn't the type who wants to be taken. But trust me, she is. Every girl wants to get her hair pulled once in a while. If your wife says "no," turn her around, and rip her clothes off. She wants to be dominated. Women don't realize how easy men are. Just give us what we want.
Nope. No. Wrong. Absolutely not. That is called spousal rape, and it is a crime.

Let's try this advice instead: Men, I know many of you think the Patriarchy is your friend, but, trust me, you are complex human beings who should not routinely be diminished, or diminish yourselves, as so thoroughly uncomplicated (and terrible) that the only thing it takes to make you happy is a sandwich and being allowed to rape your partner.

And this advice: Men, never rape your partner. Or anyone else. Ever.

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