This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

[Content Note: Misogyny; ageism.]

As I have previously mentioned, the Take Your Boobs to the White House Watch series was started: 1. In response to overwhelming public pressure for Hillary Clinton to run for the 2016 presidential nomination, long before she stated that she was even contemplating running; 2. As a bookend to the Take Your Boobs and Go Home Watch series, which was a catalog of the overwhelming public pressure for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the 2008 Democratic primary, even when she still had a decent chance of winning the nomination.

So it is with no small amount of tumbling, contemptuous laughter that I share with you the excellent news that, even as Clinton is being publicly pressured to run, she is simultaneously being publicly pressured to not run.

I give you: "Hillary, Don't Run for President."

There's a lot of fun ageism in the piece (Executive Summary: "Hillary is old blah blah fart"), and the usual tired admonishments that Clinton definitely shouldn't run because Republicans will attack her (*that face*) (which makes her different from other potential candidates how, exactly?) (and don't we know at least that she is capable of fighting them, not to mention willing to, unlike some other presidents I could mention?) (other parentheticals!), but this is definitely my favorite, ahem, part:
In spite of the fact that Clinton's accomplishments as secretary of state are significant, including diplomatic efforts that averted a war between Israel and Hamas, she is likely to be forced to endure campaign onslaughts accusing her of character flaws for forgiving her husband's indiscretions, which means the electorate probably has to endure at least some painful flashbacks.
PERFECT. Sure, sure, she brokered globally important agreements, but some assholes (not me! ha ha! but SOMEONE!) will bring up how her husband fucked around on her and she stayed with him, which is objectively a flaw in her character, as I'm sure all reasonable people can agree (just like we'd all definitely agree that she was a disloyal bitch if she'd left) (amirite, bros?), and when those OTHER PEOPLE drag up that her husband engaged in what at best could be described as profoundly unethical breaches of conduct two decades ago and was used by his political opposition to justify millions of dollars of taxpayer money investigating him not because they gave a shit about the safety of women but because they wanted to implode his presidency and were happy to destroy his family in the process, it will cause PAIN to the people who have to listen to reminders that that happened.

So Hillary Clinton shouldn't run.

My contempt for this shit cannot be measured on a scale fathomable by human intellect.

* * *

On a vaguely related note, it has been my consistent observation that men who are most inclined to concern troll the blowback on Hillary Clinton (or the Democratic Party, or Democratic voters, or whomever) if "someone else" invokes Bill Clinton's affairs, are also the men who are most likely to elide the very real issues of consent inherent in any sexual interaction between a president and an intern. Because they don't actually care about what Bill Clinton did, except insomuch as it's a great way to try to discredit Hillary Clinton. You know, for failing to hold him responsible (by divorcing him) for behavior that these same dudes argue was definitely just a private matter between two consenting adults.

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