This F#@king Guy

[Content Note: Islamophobia; Christian supremacy; terrorism.]

Notorious Islamphobic heapshit Pastor Terry Jones was arrested yesterday in possession of 2,998 kerosene-soaked Korans:
Florida officials have arrested radical anti-Islam preacher Terry Jones as he was on his way to a Sept. 11 event where he planned to burn 2,998 Korans, according to local news reports Wednesday.

Jones is best known for stoking Muslim anger by publicly desecrating the religion's holy book, sometimes with international consequences.

This time law enforcement officials intervened before Jones could carry out his plans for a ceremonial Sept. 11 burning.

Jones had planned to set alight 2,998 Korans at a Polk County park for the 12-year anniversary, with each Koran "representing one of the victims, every person who was murdered by Islam," according to one of his news releases -- a casualty total that perhaps accidentally included the 19 hijackers.

County officials had reportedly denied Jones' permit application to use the Loyce E. Harpe Park near Mulberry for the burning.
I'm sure he will not be charged with a terrorist act, but he should be. He is blatantly and unapologetically trying to incite hostilities against Muslim USians; he is actively trying to create an unsafe environment for them. This behavior should be absolutely intolerable to any society that espouses a belief in equality. No one is equal when serious threats against them are not taken seriously. This fucking guy. Our fucking priorities.

As you may recall, in addition to his Koran-burning activities, Jones is also a supporter of George Zimmerman.

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