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"The grab bag of demands Republicans intend to make this time [in exchange for raising the debt limit] is almost comically extensive and off point, and as such, should be enough to get folks to recognize the basic absurdity of what's happening here. I say 'should' because you'd think the basic absurdity of demanding multiple concessions in exchange for not destroying the economy would be apparent enough on its face. But thus far, it's been mostly treated as business as usual. Hopefully the outsized and buffoonish nature of this round of GOP demands will change that. Hopefully."Greg Sargent, being remarkably optimistic!

The "amazing array of concessions" Republicans want Democrats to make in exchange for getting Republicans to do their goddamn jobs are thus:
House Republicans plan to demand major perks for coal companies and Wall Street banks, alongside healthcare and social service cuts and a one-year delay in the implementation of Obamacare, in exchange for raising the debt ceiling until the end of 2014, according to a source close to the House GOP leadership.

...The Republican plan, which would also constitute a significant overhaul of the environmental and financial regulatory system, would cut pensions for Federal employees and raise taxes on immigrant families with parents who do not have a Social Security number…The plan would increase Medicare means testing, and would eliminate social service block grants and a fund for preventative healthcare in the Affordable Care Act that conservatives have characterized as a "slush fund."

...Coal and oil companies would benefit from provisions to expand offshore drilling and drilling on federal lands. The proposal blocks the federal government from regulating greenhouse gas emissions and coal ash, and would give Congress the power to veto any "major" regulation issued by a federal agency (because an affirmative vote would be required, Congress could void new rules simply through inaction).
Neat! What a terrific proposal from an excellent party that is almost TOO FULL of decency and integrity!

Sargent wisely observes: "By laying out a truly insane list of demands, Republicans could perversely succeed in reframing this battle—at least in the eyes of some in the Beltway press—as a standard Washington confrontation in which both sides are making demands and the impasse is the result of each side's refusal to meet somewhere in the middle. You could easily see a scenario in which Republicans 'agree' to drop some of their demands and argue they are trying to compromise, with some commentators then wondering aloud why the White House is refusing to negotiate in kind."

Control the conversation; control the government. And the corporate coup being staged via Congressional Republicans continues right on track.

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