Opposition to Obamacare Hits a New Low

[Content Note: Sexual assault.]

Generation Opportunity, yet another conservative advocacy group that is a front for the loathsome Koch Brothers, is launching a campaign designed to convince young people to opt-out of Obamacare. The campaign will consist of a college tour across the US, which will consist of opt-out parties (sure) and coincide with an online video series, the first two of which are already viewable:

The video opens on a series of video screens that look like security feeds in a hospital. Zany, carnival-like music. The shot zooms in on the center monitor, where a thin, black, young woman (the nurse) in scrubs in walking down a corridor with a thin, white, young woman (the patient) in a a t-shirt and jeans shorts. "Oh," says the nurse, looking at a patient chart she's holding. "I see you chose to sign up for Obamacare."

"Yeah," says the patient cheerfully. "It's actually my first time here."

"Well, here we are then," says the nurse, as they pause at an exam room door. "Change into a gown, and the doctor will see you soon."

Cut to the patient sitting on an exam table in a hospital gown. A thin, white, middle-aged female doctor wearing a white coat walks in, looking at the chart. "Okay, well, your vitals look good," says the doctor. "Any changes in your diet or exercise?" The patient smiles and shakes her head. "All right," says the doctor. "Can you swing on over? Scoot on down and try to make yourself comfortable." The patient swings her legs around the end of the exam table as the doctor pulls out metal stirrups, and places the patient's feet in them. "Okay," says the doctor. "Let's have a look."

The doctor smiles and walks out of the room. The patient looks confused. The zany music turns ominous as a creepy Uncle Sam with a horror-clown face pops up from below, appearing between the patient's legs. Through the window in the exam room door, we see him leer over her as she kicks her legs and screams. This is played for laughs.

The screen goes black. "Don't let government play doctor," reads text onscreen. "Opt out of Obamacare."

Cut back to creepy Uncle Sam with permanent evil grin on his immovable mask. He holds up a speculum and slowly opens it. Cut to text onscreen about the campaign.
And there's one for the guys, too, in which a thin, white, middle-aged, male doctor tells a thin, white, young white man to take off his pants and get on an examination table with his knees pulled to his chest, so that creepy Uncle Sam, snapping on a glove, can investigate his asshole.

Lest there be any confusion about the intent of these ads, the one with the female patient is titled, on Generation Opportunity's own YouTube channel: "Opt Out - The Exam - Creepy Uncle Sam."

Every single thing about these ads is reprehensible, and I will leave you to parse every deplorable aspect in comments. I will simply observe the unmitigated temerity of a conservative group suggesting that the Affordable Healthcare Act will result in the government sexually assaulting patients, which they would no doubt defend on the basis that it's just a metaphor geeeeez, when Republicans have been legislating anti-choice laws that both figuratively insert the government into people's bodies, and actually, really, literally require unnecessary, unsolicited, invasive procedures into which patients are coerced to access a legal healthcare procedure, which is a potential sexual assault—of either or both patient and practitioner.

What's treated like a fucking joke in these ads is already happening. Of which the miserable heapshits of humanity behind these ads are well aware, since they're the ones who underwrote the legislation that made it so.

[H/T to Shaker Variable.]

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