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Here is some stuff in the news today!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, comprised of the world's foremost climate change experts, has said in a new report it is "unequivocal" that "the dominant cause [of climate change] has been human actions in pouring greenhouse gases into the atmosphere." Which I predict will change the mind of exactly no one who didn't already believe that to be true.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is reportedly going to announce next week her intention to run for Texas Governor. Some progressive Texans are very excited about this! And some are very concerned about what it will mean for her career if she loses. I understand both points, that's for sure. But I will say that losing didn't stop Sarah Palin, which is because she has SO MANY WEIRD FANS, so, if Wendy Davis runs and loses, let's just be her weird fans and make her a national star anyway!

President Obama has nominated Diane J. Humetewa to the US District Court of Arizona. "If she is confirmed, Humetewa—a member of the Hopi tribe in eastern Arizona—will be the only active member of a Native American tribe to serve as a federal judge and the first Native American woman to do so." Neat! Congratulations, Judge Humetewa!

Recovery is for rich folks: "More than four years since the economy shifted from recession to recovery, 36 percent of US workers always or usually live paycheck to paycheck according to a survey released Wednesday by Another 40 percent say they sometimes do."

[Content Note: Homophobia] The Republicans' anti-gay bigotry is hurting them with young voters. Oh noes! I'm so scared for your future, Republicans! HA HA JUST KIDDING NO I'M NOT. YOUR ENTIRE GARBAGE IDEOLOGY SHOULD BE PUT INTO A CANNON AND FIRED INTO THE SUN. (Ironically, Congressional Republicans defunded my giant cannon project.)

[CN: Homophobia] UK retailer Tesco has pulled "an inflatable 'gay best friend' doll from its website." Maybe stick to tea, Tesco!

Elinor Otto is 93 years old, was one of the original Rosie the Riveters, and is still working as a riveter at a Boeing plant in Long Beach, California. "I'm a working person, I guess. I like to work. I like to be around people that work. I like to get up, get out of the house, get something accomplished during the day." How awesome is this woman?! SO AWESOME.

FX is making a television series out of the movie Fargo. Does that sound like something you would watch? What if I told you that Martin Freeman was playing the lead—would that change your mind? It doesn't change mine, even though I like Fargo and I like Martin Freeman. The answer is still coming up NO THANK YOU! Sorry, FX. Good try, though. You definitely put together two things I like!

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