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Here is some stuff in the news today!

The Emmys were last night! Did you care? I didn't! But I was very happy to hear that Breaking Bad won best drama, and that Anna Gunn won best supporting (don't get me started) actress for her role on Breaking Bad. Her dress was beautiful! And Merritt Weaver, who won for playing one of my favorite characters ever, Zoey on Nurse Jackie, gave the best acceptance speech of all time the end!

[Content Note: Transphobia] Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a teenage girl at Marina High School in Huntington Beach (CA), who is trans, was crowned homecoming queen Friday night. I wish that was the happy end of this story, but, unfortunately, a bunch of shithead bullies stole the joy out of it for her. I just want to say that I think Cassidy Lynn Campbell is awesome and brave and neat.

[CN: Sexual violence; rape culture] Navy Hearing in Rape Case Raises Alarm. Welp, that's one way of PUTTING IT MILDLY.

Something something Hillary Clinton something something president.

In other news, Sarah Palin thinks Hillary Clinton isn't fit to be president because something something Benghazi. Yawn blah blah fart.

Meanwhile, she probably agrees with Rick Perry that Rick Perry would still make a great president! [CN: Disablist language and anti-Semitism.]

Continuing the parade of Republican geniuses: Rand Paul says if Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts "loves Obamacare so much" then "he should get it." Rand Paul would have said, "if he loves Obamacare so much, he should MARRY IT," but Rand Paul does not support man-on-legislation marriage.

And finally! Here are some really beautiful pictures from space.

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