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Here is some stuff in the news today!

Indiana's "right-to-work" law, passed early last year, is headed to the state supreme court after a lower court judge ruled the law unconstitutional. Because Indiana is a conservative legislation lab, and many states have passed similar "right-to-work" laws, this is a case worth paying attention to for USians, even if you live in another state.

[Content Note: Racism] The Tulsa, Oklahoma, school that sent home 7-year-old Tiana Parker because her dreadlocks violated their dress code has changed its policy after national outrage to their racist bullshit.

[CN: Child abuse] A family dog alerted parents to a babysitter's abuse of their baby son. GOOD DOG! Give that dog ALL THE TREATS!

Polls find that the GOP will be blamed if the US government goes into shutdown. Good, I guess? It is terrifying (but not surprising!) that the Republicans might finally compromise only because they're afraid of getting deserved blame for holding the nation hostage over healthcare access, and not because they have even a shred of decency.

Economist Tyler Cowen says that income inequality is only going to get worse: "I think we'll see a thinning out of the middle class. We'll see a lot of individuals rising up to much greater wealth. And we'll also see more individuals clustering in a kind of lower-middle class existence." And everyone who has been paying attention to anything even a little bit agreed!

In related news, let's keep giving Walmart more political power!

BBC: "A huge water source has been discovered in the arid Turkana region of northern Kenya which could supply the country for 70 years, the government says. The discovery of two aquifers brings hope to the drought-hit region, tweeted Environment Minister Judi Wakhungu." 70 years! WOWWWWWW.

[CN: Weight research] SciFri: "In a new study, researchers were able to make mice lean or obese by altering their gut bacteria." Huh! But CALORIES IN CALORIES OUT lol headdesk. (See also: This. And this. And this. Etc.)

Republican Senator Ted Cruz says we need 100 more Jesse Helmses. Please let's all remember this and repeat it forever if this guy runs for president!

Finally! Breaking Baddies: Are you ready for a Saul Goodman spin-off? Welp, you'd better GET ready, because here it comes!

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