Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by flattened pennies.

Recommended reading:

Tressie: Bulletproof Big Mommas: Black Women Cannot Stop Bullets #atl [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of gun violence, and dehumanizing racist/misogynist narratives.]

Sharona: Results of Congressional "Fishing Expedition" Show Abortion Is Already Highly Regulated, Overwhelmingly Safe

Brittany: You Have No Idea [Content Note: The post at this link describes feelings experienced by the author and many other survivors of sexual violence.]

Flavia: Some Thoughts about Sexual Normativity in Food Writing [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of heterocentrism, ablism, and food withholding.]

Alan: American Workers Have Seen a "Lost Decade" in Wage Growth

FMF News: Indonesian Official Proposes Virginity Test for Access to Education [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of misogyny and sexual assault.]

Jamilah: The Washington, D.C., Football Team Didn't Exactly Approve This Shirt [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of racism and Native appropriation and racist/appropriative imagery.]

And last but not least! I feel a little weird putting this in the blogaround, because there is something very nice about me personally in it (thank you, Jess! I love you!), but I think everyone here is pretty well aware that: 1. Jessica Luther and I are friends; and 2. Jessica Luther is super fucking awesome and a fierce activist and generally amazing. So please know I am linking this because of her, not because she mentions me.

Danielle Nelson interviews Jessica Luther: Listen, Fight and Grow a Thick Skin. Read it read it read it!!!

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