[Content Note: Fat hatred.]

This is a real thing in the world:
A new study suggests that it is possible for children, particularly boys and those who are not severely obese, to use growth spurts to outgrow obesity without losing weight.

...The investigators found that growth spurts can serve as therapeutic windows during which children, usually boys aged between 11 and 16 years, can outgrow obesity without actually losing weight, just by becoming leaner and taller.
LOL FOREVER. Contemptuous and bitter LOL, but still.

Yeah. Before the OBESITY EPIDEMIC that turned us all into fuckbrained fat-haters who policed any trace of fat on any body ever, this used to be a commonly discussed and accepted part of growing up: Adolescent Person is getting a little chubby—looks like a growth spurt is a-coming!

Now we need studies to confirm what used to be a known thing, because FAT PANIC has undermined all rational thought about body diversity and Things Bodies Do.

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